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Coming in 2016
212 pages

The Marriage of Percy and Pigeon: A Novel by Zubin J. Shroff

Percy and Pigeon live in separate apartments on the fourteenth floor of that strange building on Thirteenth Street, the brown building with brown trim, elevator that squeaks, rooftop that's out-of-bounds, basement that's always locked, tenants that haven't seen a marriage in thirty-three years . . .

. . . haven't seen a marriage in thirty-three years, until the marriage of Percy and Pigeon, that is. Will their marriage change things for the tenants of this building? Will the basement get breached? Might the rooftop be reached?

Recommended only for those who've considered reading the Bible while on LSD, The Marriage of Percy and Pigeon is a surreal meditation on marriage and love, business-clerks and rent-control, elevators to heaven and portals to hell.

Coming in 2016.

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